ana gil-taylor: Successful Women Business awards – recap

ana gil-taylor event photographer-1665Successful Business Women Awards (SBW), held at Embassy Suites by Hilton Syracuse Destiny,  an event which brings together community women leaders, their supporters and admirers to honor women making a difference in our community.  This year platinum sponsor was Northwestern Mutual,  Emcee, WSYR-TV NewsChannel 9, Farah Jadran, Keynote speaker was the beautiful and energetic Loretta Kaminsky,  photographer, ana gil-taylor and of course this great event was put on by BizEventz. ana gil-taylor event photographer-1666

Successful Business Women Awards have brought some great keynote speakers; I must share though, this year’s was my favorite.  Loretta is in her early 80’s, full of energy, knowledge, appreciation, respect for life and all that comes with it. She started her career in her 40’s and forty plus years later, she is still reinventing herself.  Simply, admirable, energizing and inspirational.  Honestly, if you need a dose of inspiration and laughs “Google her”  – Loretta Kaminsky.  

ana gil-taylor event photographer-1653The networking aspect of the event is always fun; great women in one room, sharing stories, laughing, and connecting.   Joanne Lenweaver, WISE Women Business Center Director, Kim Townsend, Loretto’s CEO, Gwen Webber-McLeod, Gwen, Inc., Laura Serway, Laci’s Tapas, and  Onondaga County Executive, Joanie Mahoney, where in attendance amongst many others.

The food?, well as I was making my rounds around the room, I heard a couple of guests commenting:  “ oh wow, did you see this? I thought they only had the usual bagel breakfast” , “ WOW”, Here is a picture of a very happy and surprised guest.

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Are business cards in or out?

I believe they are IN one hundred percent. As an event, head shots and family Photographer, there hasn’t been an event or networking meeting I have photographed or attended, where I haven’t been asked for my business card. I enjoy interacting with people and feel that pulling out my phone to add their contact information creates an immediate disconnect. Exchange business cards, at the end of a conversation and later connecting with them on LinkedIn or via email has worked out well for me.

I purchased a super cute business card holder to keep the business cards I receive, nice and organized.  Let’s be honest, those of us who still believe in business cards spend hours if not days, designing  them to make sure it reflects our brand and looks appealing.  Storing them in style is the least I can do to give them the respect they deserve  right?

There are however, those who think business cards are dead – their views here – and there are others, like me, who agree business cards are still very relevant- their views here.  Summarizing, if you  and your audience believe in business cards, it is a no brainer or controversy. Thanks for reading!