Happy Mother’s day!: Family Photographer, Syracuse NY

As mothers, we have the greatest, most important job in the world.  We, with our support system (our partner, family, church, community), have the job of preparing our children to become successful well adjusted adults. Adults who will make a difference in our world. Adults who will become great husbands, wives, great fathers, moms, and employees. The foundation we worked so hard at during their growing years will come into play as they find their purpose in life.  That is when we can sit back and admire how our foundation, coupled with their own decisions have turned them into the adults we prayed they would become. Suddenly, all the gray hair we got from their teen years will be embraced because it was all worth it, every single gray hair.

Happy mothers day to us all! and a huge thanks to our support system because without them, motherhood would be a bit harder.

Enjoy these great mommy portraits 🙂

A smooch for mommy

A smooch for mommy


mommy and daughter having fun by the lake

mommy and daughter having fun by the lake

Cute mommy daughter smiles

Cute mommy daughter beautiful smiles

Happy on mommy's arm and bare footed

Happy on mommy’s arm and bare footed

Mommy and son tender moment

Mommy and son tender moment

Mommy and son funny portrait

Mommy and son portrait- love this one! ha!

Mommy son portrait playing

Mommy son portrait playing peek-a-boo

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