Cute and meaninful: Syracuse NY Family Photographer

I have a picture of my youngest daughter as my desktop background, I see it every day.  One day it caught my attention in a different way.  I see her beautiful smile, her bottom baby teeth were still there, intact.  Time stood still. I stared at the picture for a while remembering how loose the tooth was and how now, her smile has changed since she lost that tooth. Gone, that tooth will NEVER be back in her mouth.  I am glad I caught that beautiful smile, while the tooth was wiggly right before it came out.  I was as excited to see that tooth fall out as I was to see it come in when she was 6mos old (even though I had already had two other children; it doesn’t get old!). There is nothing like a first time!

A couple of weeks later, my daughter came into my office, my desktop was on, no active windows, just her beautiful picture. She comments ” Mami, that is a really cute picture of me” she stands there staring at it for a bit, then she comments again   “Mami, remember how loose my tooth was in this picture? I can see it!” She proceeds to touch the space where the tooth was.  She continues, ” That was a good day,  I lost it a couple of nights later. Now I don’t have it anymore, I look different now. I am glad you have that picture on your computer, I miss my tooth.”

I was overwhelmed by her comments and by how similar emotions and memories that picture brought to us both. Life…, time…. it flies… Today, meaningful moments are around us. Moments that why not catch today? That tooth would have been gone if I would have waited to take this picture.  Of course I have other pictures of her, but not like this. I can zoom in and clearly see her wiggly tooth.  It is so easy nowadays to preserve/document our milestones compared to five years ago. Our phones have great resolutions and a great screen! Easy ! So let’s point, focus and click.. Document those milestones!

THE picture

THE picture

Love to all,


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