Ballerina shoes: Children Photographer | Syracuse NY

Ever since I can remember my little girl loved ballet. She used to save every penny she would find since age 3 and tell me that is was for her ballet class. I can remember her seeing loose change on the kitchen counter and asking if she could save it in her piggy bank for her classes. Finally in first grade, at 6 years of age, she joined Ballet. She met great friends, and had so much fun learning and performing. She looked adorable leaping and jumping around the stage. After the recital, as soon as we got home she asks ” Mami, now that I’ve tried Ballet, can I try Hip Hop?” Children’s mind change as fast as they grow! I am so happy to be left with her dirty and adorable ballet shoes; (I can even see her little toe marks in them!) her cute little dress and super cute photos and video of her time in ballet.

As look through the photos to make her album I realized her two front teeth were not even out when she started ballet. Her bottom teeth had just come in. I am sure in a couple of months she will look at the photo album and pause as glimpses of practices and/or the recital come to mind. Then perhaps she will try to get into her costume or ballet shoes. Mixed emotions will surface for both of us when she realizes that her shoes do not fit anymore. She will perhaps ask for new ballet shoes, I……… I will be glad to have captured those moments in her life, when she was in first grade, in Ballet and wore size 12 shoes. Great childhood memories is one of the best gifts we can give to our children and to ourselves.

Now let me go work on that first grade photo album! I leave you with cute photos of her cute little shoes, getting ready to go on stage and the performance :)

Adorable ballerina shoes

Adorable ballerina shoes

Ballerina getting ready to perform- being silly in the front

Ballerina getting ready to perform- being silly in the front

Recital time! Mine is in the first one from the left in the back row

Recital time! Mine is in the first one from the left in the back row

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Wally: Six months old | Children Photographer Syracuse NY

Awesome little Wally, so cute, so handsome, so happy! So easy going! We had so many outfit changes, we put on bunny ears, a newspaper boy hat, a fedora hat, a tie, clothes on, clothes off, etc.. and he didn’t fuss at all, love!

I leave you with some cuteness below!

Just too cute!

Just too cute!

Soooo?  what are you? lol

Soooo….. what are you? lol

Nothing better than baby buns!

Nothing better than baby buns!

Hey buddy!

Hey buddy!

So cute!

So cute!


This is my basket :)

This is my basket right? :)

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Pure innocence| Children Photographer | Syracuse, NY

My sweet, happy girl loves to play pretend.  One never knows who she is going to be from one day to the next.  She tells us every morning who she is pretending to be.  This is serious stuff.  Lately she has been pretending to be characters from Harry Potter, Hermione and Bellatrix. When she pretends to be character, she takes it seriously. She dresses, talks, walks and does her hair like the character.   The other day she was Bellatrix, so she dressed all in black, including hair accessories, for two days!

One day, she came home from school and saw a set I had from a previous session earlier that day.  Her brown owl eyes lit up and she let out this beautiful smile.  “Mami, could you do a session of me playing there?” she asked.  – Of course! I responded.

We quickly did an outfit change, and she rushed to the set and started to play. I stood there, watching her, I didn’t want to leave the studio to go get my camera. I got taken by her playful innocence, her smile, her laugh, It was Abby playing in that set, my Abby!

This  session is definitely my favorite portrait session of her thus far. What a beautiful, gentle, creative, imaginative little human being God has blessed us with. And to think this , set inspired her to be herself for 30 minutes! Right after she was changed into Hermione. But hey…, I got portraits of Abby!!

I leave you with some fun photos of her.  Enjoy!

So much cuteness!

So much cuteness!

Abby-2886EFB Abby-2885EFB Abby-2846FB

I love that face!!

I love that face!!



Fun fun times

Fun fun times

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Family Vacation!

YES!! We took the last two weeks of the year off to enjoy the holidays with our family and friends; what a great time! We ate, we danced, were very merry and even got the flu! knocked out for two days, but felt better in time to receive the year healthy! It was an amazing year! We hope you had a great time with your family and friends as well. There is absolutely nothing better than hanging around people who love us. I leave you with some pictures from our time in NYC. Enjoy!

nutcracker statue

A handsome Nutcracker on our way to Rockefeller

Mommy and daughter

My little love and I


My loves and I

My hubs and I

My husband and I <3


A Pigeon, ha! I didn’t realize my daughter had not seen a pigeon in real life until then. She was so excited and had me take a picture of this little guy.

chestnuts and pretzels

Forget the tree, the visit is not complete until we’ve had chestnuts and pretzels.

hubs & baby girl

Two of my loves

minus 5

My daughter said she has heard this bar is pretty chill, literally. ha!

hotel fun

My girl having some fun at the hotel jumping from couch to bed

awesome view

On our way to my bro’s house on Christmas Eve we saw this view and stopped for a family picture :)

my mom & I

My mom and I

Dominican food

Yummy food!! “Feliz Navidad!”

excited for her books

My little love so excited she got MLP chapter books


Last day of our vacation at my sis house. My girl loves her ponies!

Thank you for stopping by!


Ana & team

Wedding Photographer: Mandana Barn of Skaneateles

I had the pleasure of photographing the union in marriage of two happy and beautiful people.  What a beautiful, peaceful, happy wedding.  There was so much love emanating from every one.  If you walked into this wedding, you could not tell which side was the bride and which the groom. The unity between these two families and their friends was uplifting to witness.

The Bride and Groom did an excellent job choosing their vendors!  The Minister of marriage, Pam Denton, did such a beautiful job.
DJ Rocko (RD Entertainment) rocked it with the lights and music! The food…  Oh Lord! Although I didn’t taste any, I heard the bacon was to die for! The BBQ pig looked and smelled delicious!! Great job “FLYING PIG ROAST”. Last but not least, the location, Mandana Barn of Skaneateles, was breathtaking. It was a perfect match for the Bride & Groom.

Melissa & Brian, we wish you many, many years of amazing love. Full of health & even more amazing experiences.

Your team at
Ana Gil-Taylor Photography


bridegroomfistpumphusbandandwifehusband&wifeisle hsuband&wifekissislebride&groomframe bride&groomfirstdance dancingwedding sillybridalparty bridegroomkids vendorsThank you!

Ana Gil-Taylor Celebrates! Syracuse NY Family photographer

We are beyond excited to celebrate our 5th year anniversary! WOW, what an accomplishment! Reflecting back to how my vision started is a great trip.  I was working at an office. I had been there for 10 years already. Although I loved what I was doing and the money was great, I felt like I needed to do something more fulfilling with my time. I honestly did not know what I wanted to do.  Photography was a hobby at the time; taken after my dad who loved preserving family moments through photography.  I most also mention my husband, he also loved photographing our children and family events; you would find him with the camera before you found me.  I started using the camera more when I became a scrapbooker. My point and shoot camera and I were inseparable.   After about three years, I upgraded to my first consumer DSLR, my faithful D50, what a great camera! It was with this camera, I started my business.  It became, my other man. lol.. this is him.. ha! the other man lolSunday, October 5th 2008 I had my first paying customer.  I know I didn’t sleep the night before. I was so nervous during my session I am surprised I didn’t start visibly sweating.  To my awesome luck, the first family I photographed was very down to earth, relaxed and the kids were adorable.  That definitely helped my nerves a bit. But wow, was I nervous. My fingers are getting a bit sweaty now as I take that trip.

Five years have pasted and I swear I could not have gotten this far without three support systems.  My family and friends support ( I love my family and am forever thankful for their great, great support) and my customers and their referrals I love my customers! a HUGE shout out to them! You!!.

I leave you with some awesome pictures of my first customer! This is them :) XOXO. I am so thankful that they are still my customer 5 years later. Best compliment EVER!

Here are a couple of before and after :)



Doanmason-Thank you so much for reading and celebrating this awesome milestone with us!

Love you all!

Ana & team

Cute and meaninful: Syracuse NY Family Photographer

I have a picture of my youngest daughter as my desktop background, I see it every day.  One day it caught my attention in a different way.  I see her beautiful smile, her bottom baby teeth were still there, intact.  Time stood still. I stared at the picture for a while remembering how loose the tooth was and how now, her smile has changed since she lost that tooth. Gone, that tooth will NEVER be back in her mouth.  I am glad I caught that beautiful smile, while the tooth was wiggly right before it came out.  I was as excited to see that tooth fall out as I was to see it come in when she was 6mos old (even though I had already had two other children; it doesn’t get old!). There is nothing like a first time!

A couple of weeks later, my daughter came into my office, my desktop was on, no active windows, just her beautiful picture. She comments ” Mami, that is a really cute picture of me” she stands there staring at it for a bit, then she comments again   “Mami, remember how loose my tooth was in this picture? I can see it!” She proceeds to touch the space where the tooth was.  She continues, ” That was a good day,  I lost it a couple of nights later. Now I don’t have it anymore, I look different now. I am glad you have that picture on your computer, I miss my tooth.”

I was overwhelmed by her comments and by how similar emotions and memories that picture brought to us both. Life…, time…. it flies… Today, meaningful moments are around us. Moments that why not catch today? That tooth would have been gone if I would have waited to take this picture.  Of course I have other pictures of her, but not like this. I can zoom in and clearly see her wiggly tooth.  It is so easy nowadays to preserve/document our milestones compared to five years ago. Our phones have great resolutions and a great screen! Easy ! So let’s point, focus and click.. Document those milestones!

THE picture

THE picture

Love to all,


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Mother/Daughter portraits: Syracuse NY Family Photographer

I was trying to find a picture of my mom and I to include with this blog. I could not find one that I could proudly share with the world! I dug deep and found this one from January 2011 and it is not even of my mom and I alone! It is cool to have a pic of my grandma, my mom and I but I am looking for a nice one of my mom and I! NYE_3152WOA! really shaking my head. This is it! I am scheduling a session to have beautiful pictures of my mom and I. I will probably include my sisters too why not?! and now that I think about it, I have no good pictures of my sisters and my mom either… oohh boy.. Needless to say, My mom and us sisters would definitely LOVE to have beautiful pictures displayed where we all look amazingly awesome, relaxed and happy. For this we definitely have to schedule it! ha!There should always be time of mom/daughter pictures; life is full of surprises. This will be a yearly event! it has been blogged!

After this realization, We’ve decided to run a contest dedicated to Mothers and daughters.

A Mother/Daughter session for Mother’s day! This session will be for you and your mom. Please visit our facebook page for more details. No need to be a fan to enter but a like would be awesome :) Thank you for visiting!!


Children Photographer: Syracuse NY- Newborn to One contest winner annoucement

One lucky winner of the amazing Newborn To One package is announced. For more information about our Newborn to one package please visit my website

Thank you!


A special friend: Children Photographer, Syracuse NY

I remember having a very special friend when I was little.  Her name was Miss. Piggy; yes, from the Muppets.  I loved her and used to tell her all of my secrets. She was always there, always where I left her waiting for me. I thought that was really neat.  Now I see my daughter, my son and my niece with a special friend and makes me wish I had a picture of her and I.  That would have been priceless for me now.   Great memories.

I am so happy that I am able to capture these memories for my niece daughter and my son (picture not posted, he would not approve lol, he is 12).  As these will also be priceless memories for them as they admire their own children’s relationship with their special friend.  Enjoy!

Special friend- Georgia

Special friend Georgia

Special friend- Kitty

Special friend Kitty

Special friend- Kitty

Special friend Kitty

Special friend- Georgia

Special friend Georgia


Did you have a special friend? Do you remember its name?

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